At Xantus, we know securing and managing information and data is critical to the future of your business. We offer end-to-end cyber security consulting, from information risk assessments that help you benchmark safety measures and shore up weaknesses, to penetration testing that checks for robust defenses. Our global team delivers scalable cyber security solutions to help you protect confidential and proprietary information from data security risks such as malicious insiders, network vulnerabilities and inadequate security policies.

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Cybersecurity Trainings

Our experienced and Certified Trainers will give extensive trainings on OT Security, Secure SDLC, Application Security, And CyberSOC.

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GRC Consulting

We will help you obtain structured approach to GRC implementation and audits through defining a broad level control framework for the organization.

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Enterprise Security Architecture

Implementing security architecture is often a confusing process in enterprises. Our Security Engineering Team will help enterprises to implement strong defenses against Cyberattacks.

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Application Security Assessment

Xantus Technologies Application Security Services helps you assess current and future web use requirements. It then provides the layered security protection you need to address today’s worst threats against Applications. Our security professionals perform Penetration Testing, DAST, SAST, and Mobile Application Security Testing to deliver comprehensive assessments with detailed, vetted findings. Our subject matter experts conduct deep analysis of data at rest, network traffic, reverse engineering, web services and API backend.

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Threat Intelligence

Counteracting modern cyberthreats requires a 360-degree view of the tactics and tools used by threat actors. Generating this intelligence and identifying the most effective countermeasures requires constant dedication and high levels of expertise. We work to support you with the latest threat intelligence from all around the world, helping you maintain immunity to even previously unseen cyber-attacks.

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OT Security Assessments

In the “always on” and “always connected” environment of Industry 4.0, no process or production hardware can be considered completely safe from cybersecurity threats. Our Critical Infrastructure/SCADA Penetration Testing follows documented security testing methodologies which can include: ICS Architecture review, Threat Modelling, Exploit Research, Administrator Privileges Escalation Testing, Network Equipment Security Controls Testing.

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